If you follow US TV shows and you love music, you can't miss Empire.

Official Trailer

Empire is a music and entertainment company founded by Lucious and Cookie Lyon, who have been divorced.
As Cookie is released after spending 17 years in prison for drug dealing and Lucious is preparing for Empire's IPO, the story started to unfold.
The couple have three sons: Andre, Jamal, Hakeem, each of whom has distinct personality.
Andre is the CFO of Empire. Jamal is a talented musician but is gay, a fact that makes him Lucisous' the least liked son. Hakeem is not as talented as Jamal but over-estimates himself and thinks he's the gonna be the king of hip-hop.
The story's foundation is about music, while the Lyon siblings compete with each other and while Lucious is diagnosed of ALS and is trying to find a successor for Empire.
The story is further complicated by the fued between Cookie and Anika, Lucious' current lover who holds an important position in Empire.


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Addicted, period.

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David and Sia create perfect tunes together!

Is it just me or the male model looks like 金城武 from some angles?


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Broods - mother and father

Cher Lloyd - killin' it

Dan + Shay - show you off

Estelle - conqueror 

For King & Country - fix my eyes


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cmt_crossroads_kacey x katy  

The "grave" in her last name has no impact on her success.
Already a winner of 2 Grammys - best country song (merry go 'round), best country album - Kacey is about to take off.
Now she is going to open for Katy Perry during Katy's tour in August and the two eye candies recently did a CMT Crossroads, which inspired me to write this post.
They performed their signature songs such as "merry go 'round," "follow your arrow," "teenage dream," "firework," "roar" together.
After watching the show, I changed my view on Katy Perry and find myself wanting to see Katy Perry's concert.
Hope she's coming to Taiwan one day...

Back to Kacey. Her debut album landed top on the Billboard Top Country Albums (and 2nd place on the Billboard 200).
She recently revealed a new tune called "a trailer song."
With a nose ring (which is a symbol for rebellious) and the lyrics of "follow your arrow," Kacey is the best indication that country music is changing, embracing the YOLO generation.


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Hope it's not too late to share this list with everyone who visits here. Enjoy!

Chvrches - the mother we share

Ellie Goulding - I need your love (ft. Calvin Harris)

Flo Rida - wild ones (ft. Sia) / sweet spot (ft. Jennifer Lopez)

Haley Reinhart - free

Imagine Dragons - it's time

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Adam Gontier announced his departure from Three Days Grace; Dark New Day's Matt Walst will join as the temporary frontman.
--> select your response: (A) WTF!! this is the death of 3DG; (B) see that coming; (C) who the hell is Adam Gontier and Three Days Grace?

Destiny's Child is ready to release a brand new song called "nuclear," which is to be included in their latest compilation album "Love Songs."

Justin Timberlake is ready to release new music.


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I guess the thing about Taylor Swift is that every time you see her performance, you just wish you were young again.

And also you see a dedicated artist who has grown and improved so much along the way.

It's an easy song but it's definitely not easy to render a such perfect live performance on stage.


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**本文同步發表於 Play Music 網站**


那從2006年出道以來,固定每兩年發一張專輯,不曾在這個(搶錢)黃金檔期缺席,也是常勝軍的 Taylor Swift 會不會有新作問世?

果不期然,她在8/14發表了新專輯的首支單曲 we are never ever getting back together
Lyrics Video 同步在 Youtube 上架,短短兩天已經超過200萬次的點擊
在 iTunes 更是賣到翻掉,在不到一小時內就登上冠軍,擠下 born this way 成為銷售最快的單曲
而在今天(8/17)最近一期的 Billboard Hot 100 榜單,這支單曲光憑著電台播放的成績,就已在 #72 亮相
到了下星期的榜單計入銷售的成績,應可輕鬆進入 top 10.  會不會直取冠軍?  讓我們拭目以待

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曾幾何時,夜店型的 pop dance 音樂佔據了流行樂的版圖,而將饒舌融入其中的佼佼者,非 Flo Rida 莫屬
low 一曲曾高居數位下載總銷量排行榜#1好一陣子(直到 poker face, I gotta feeling 等出現),並佔據 Hot 100 #1 長達10週
right round 讓 Ke$ha 從素人歌手成為排行常勝軍,sugar 也讓 Wyter Gordon 初嚐走紅滋味

2012年他再出擊,帶來全新專輯 Wild Ones,從去年就開始鋪路
wild ones 一曲五顆星推薦,把 Sia 獨特的嗓音發揮到極致(有多少人在 hey I heard you were a wild one, woo~~ 就被 Sia 迷住了)
讓幾乎在美國市場沒有知名度的 Sia 像 Kimbra 一樣,一夕間成為高度詢問的對象,也進一步在 Hot 100 向上推動 Sia 另一首跨刀 David Guetta 的 titanium
第三支單曲 whistle 則是 Flo 難得唱得比較多,旋律順耳簡單,當然還是以節奏取勝
其實,聽 Flo 的歌,他,並不是重點(反正他的任務就是把rap的部份唸得像喝水咕嚕咕嚕一樣, like a "flow"),而誰跟他合作才是重點


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